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TaRawin WIKI

Tarawin World is a new exiting world to explore and discover, with new physics laws, history and customs. 



The beating "heart" of every sentient living being. 

There are various "richness" levels of Modulation. Ambassadors and Nomads, for example, have complex Modulation, which allows them to travel between districts. This is contrast to the rest of the Tarawinians, who have a simpler Modulation scheme that binds them to the district in which they were born for life.

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Any Tarawinian with enhanced Modulation, which allows him to travel between districts, is called a Nomad. 

There are several levels of Nomads, where the Ambassadors represent the most powerful Nomads, serving the House of Ambassadors, where they have been trained.


Mythological beasts from the past that ruled Tarawin for thousands of years.

Each Dronigon is paired with a local Tarawinian, also called - its Paired Warrior.

Above the Clouds



Infamous habitats dwelling in the north continent.

They were marked as the root cause for the suffering and death they brought with them on their great descend into the main continent many centuries ago. 

It took many years for the plagues they brought with them to disappear, but the cursed Gray Shadow creatures, which came after them, never left...


Organized groups of thieves and agents, mostly Nomads, that traffic illegal knowledge, and data transfer routes. 

Since most Tarawinians are bounded to their own district and only Nomads can travel, knowledge transfer is limited.

As the common tongue always says -
"Knowledge is the most precious currency in Tarawin."

Forest Scene
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