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Gray Shadow Book Cover


World of  Tarawin  -  Book 1

Hailo, a typical high school teenager in his last year, at the bottom of the social ladder, always felt like he doesn't fit in. And how could he?

Being adopted, with no recollection of his early childhood, and worst of all, with the blood of the notorious Northerners flowing within his veins, evident in his face like the mark of Cain.
But Hailo doesn't know he's not just another ordinary boy. At least not until a chain of unfortunate events leads him to reveal new and surprising details about himself.
Forced on the run, Hailo embarks on a journey across the central continent of Tarawin for the first time in his life, leaving his home behind.
Facing his darkest fears, Hailo will come to learn that to overcome the challenges that lie ahead, he will need to trust himself.
Join Hailo on his life changing quest, where he will reach unfamiliar places he could have only read or dreamed of, with the sole hope in his heart to finally get the answers to the questions he was longing for his entire life - to finally discover who he is.
Gray Shadow is the First Book in the World of Tarawin series.

Snow on Mountains
Mountains in Clouds
Mountain Range

emerald warrior

World of  Tarawin  -  Book 2

Hailo, the designated Paired Warrior, who until a few cycles ago was nothing more than a simple farm boy, begins a new chapter in his life.

Under an intense training routine in the depths of the Emerald Mountain chain, Hailo, and his paired Dronigon, Gago, strive to seal the bond between them to fulfill their destiny and save Tarawin from death.

When the fate of millions of lives hangs in the balance, including that of Sasha - to whom Hailo owes his own life, Hailo is drawn into a dangerous journey across the continent. Starting from the mysterious northern lands and straight into the heart of the cruel Vintegra army.

Join Hailo, Sasha, and Gago again for a thrilling, humorous journey throughout the amazing world of Tarawin. During this journey, Hailo and Sasha will discover new truths undermining the foundations of everything they thought they knew about themselves.

The Emerald Warrior is the sequel to Gray Shadow. The two books comprise the duology of the 'World Of Tarawin' series.

World of Tarawin Series


Gray Shadow Book Cover

Gray Shadow


emerald Warrior

World of  Tarawin  -  Book 1

World of  Tarawin  -  Book 2

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world of tarawin

World of Tarawin Map, Gray Shadow

"...Gray Shadow, the first in the World of Tarawin series by Oren Shalita, is an exciting fantasy adventure with coming-of-age moment..." - 

“…A thrilling adventure fantasy book that takes place in a unique world, presenting Hailo - a funny and true adolescent hero…" – Hagar Yanay, Fantasy Gefen Award winner 2018

"...The Emerald Warrior by Oren Shalita is a fast-paced adventure story with plenty of character, humor, and intrigue to keep fans of the genre hooked from cover to cover." - 

"…Entertaining and cynical, suspenseful and full of action. Hailo is a fun hero to go with on his journey, discovering his secrets from the past and his hidden powers… " – Kineret Publishing


“A pure pleasure for fans of the fantasy genre and for teenagers. A fascinating and sweeping book, which sends the reader into a whole new imaginary world…” – Orion Publishing


Oren Shalita has been writing for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately, not all of it has been particularly interesting, especially when it involved academic papers or technical specifications for engineering projects. However, he does hold out hope that the fruits of his writing will eventually resonate with someone, or at the very least, bring a smile to their face, even if just for a moment.


Oren resides in Tel Aviv with his wife, two children, and a pair of energetic cats (and please, let’s keep the occasional dog-hugging in the streets a secret from them; they’re quite sensitive). In his spare time, Oren indulges in painting using various mediums, playing soccer, and watching numerous movies. He also never passes up the opportunity for a good a‘ernoon nap when time allows, considering it a hobby worth pursuing.


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